My focus as an artist is people. I am inspired by behaviorism's in our society. I observe and create characters from these observations. I reveal these through caricature, exaggeration with ink and colour. 
My work tends to lean from one extreme to another. Sometimes simple, delicate, sweet and childlike.  At times, everyday obsessions, such as childhood, the trappings and freeings of society and the body, are represented with subtle lines, soft scratches and swatches of colour.  At closer inspection, the subconscious is present. Thoughts literally spill from head to page.

Current Work
My recent work has taken more of a 3D approach. Working with delicate wire forms and paper cut outs, bringing the image out of the wall / paper. Still in keeping with my style of colour and illustration, but thinking about different ways of using texture and shape, inventing new ways to illustrate other than putting pen to paper. 


Derby Museum and Art Gallery;  Half Term Worksheet (2011) Egg-cellent Eggs (2011) Summer Schools Showcase (2010) 

Derby QUAD; Never Let Me Go Exhibition (2011) Future Focus Exhibition, Corridor Art (2010) Artists Workshop; Paper puppet making (2010)

Derby Dance; No Parking Exhibition. (2009) Maison Foo Animation (2009)

No Parking; Format Festival(2009) Disused Building Cheapside (2008)

Solo Exhibition at the Crompton Coach-house. (2009)